The Value of Your Investment

Rarely in a lifetime are individuals in a position to invest in something as significant as a school. In this instance, it is an opportunity to invest in a school which aspires to create one of the most important educational reformations in Western civilization. We know there are many worthy causes to which to commit your time and resources, but we ask that you would consider partnering with Oak Hill, by investing both prayerfully and financially.


Because Oak Hill Classical School is committed to providing the finest Classical Christian education possible, we believe we must:

  • Maintain small class size, a cornerstone of our method of education
  • Provide significant, excellent and continual teacher training in classical and Christian pedagogy
  • Hire and retain faculty of the highest caliber who love God, their subjects and their students, and who will willingly engage in lifelong learning
  • Compensate faculty, staff, and administration in a manner that reflects their expertise and dedication
  • Continually strive to improve our understanding of classical Christian education
  • Provide needs-based financial aid opportunities to Christian families wanting to faithfully educate their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Directing Your Investment

You may direct your investment to Oak Hill in multiple ways:


Annual Fund

Help support the mission of Oak Hill and our desire to make this excellent education affordable and available to all in our community by giving at any time to our Annual Fund. Scripture admonishes us to care for those in need. In the spirit of this admonition, we seek to provide tuition assistance for families that desire to have their children attend Oak Hill but have limited financial resources.


Give securely online to Oak Hill Classical School.


Arete Scholars Fund

The Georgia Tax Credit for Private Schools program was created by the Georgia legislature in 2008. The program allows Georgia taxpayers to direct tax dollars they are already paying to help families in need pay for tuition to schools that better serve their family needs. Donors may designate a school to receive their donation. Please visit our partner, Arete Scholars Fund, to learn more and put your state income tax dollars to work for families at Oak Hill!


Corporate Matching

Many employers will match your charitable gifts, meaning your gifts are worth even more. If your company or firm has a matching gifts program, ask your personnel office for the form to enclose with your check. All donations to Oak Hill Classical School are tax-deductible as defined by the IRS.


Do you have further questions about supporting Oak Hill? Please contact us to learn more.