Education is one of the most important investments parents will make in their children. In seeking to be good stewards of our faculty, facilities, students, and finances, Oak Hill operates on a tuition-based model. The vast majority of our general budget is covered by tuition and fees. However, in keeping with our mission and vision, we work hard to ensure we offer the highest-quality education at an appropriate and kind cost to parents. We also want to make this education as accessible as possible to all who desire to provide it to their children. For that reason, we offer several opportunities for Financial Aid and discounts.


Discounts & Financial Aid

The following are available:

  • Application fee ($150) waived for returning students who re-enroll by March 31
  • Enrollment fee $100 discount for re-enrollment/enrollment by March 31
  • ​Full tuition payment (by July 1): 5% discount
  • Biannual payments (by July 1 and January 1): 3% discount
  • ​Multi-Child Discount: 2.5% discount each additional student (up to four additional students)
  • Pastoral Discount: 25%
  • 25% off tuition for faculty children who attend Oak Hill


Financial Aid & Scholarships

2021-2022 Tuition

K-4 (3-day) $4,870

K-4 (5-day) $6,870

K-5 (3-day) $5,365

K-5 (5-day) $7,625

Grammar School (grades 1-5) $9,250

Logic School (grades 6-8) $9,730


Additional Fees

Grammar School

Application Fee $150 (waived for existing students through March 31)

Registration Fee $400

Books and Activity Fee $400


Logic School

Application Fee $150 (waived for existing students through March 31)

Registration Fee $400

Books and Activity Fee $550


Financial Commitment

Oak Hill must make substantial financial commitments each year based on the number of students enrolled (teacher salaries, adequate facilities, supplies, etc.). For this reason, all tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable except in extreme circumstances. Financial commitments are binding for the entire school year. This holds for students who withdraw anytime during the school year, whether the second week or mid-year. ​​


The Oak Hill board will consider cases on an individual basis if a student discontinues enrollment. Prepaid tuitions that are not refunded will be calculated and acknowledged as a charitable donation. Tuition and fees include the use of all books for students. All books are returned to Oak Hill at year-end. Families may choose to purchase readers, etc. for their home libraries.


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