Head of School

Welcome, and thank you for visiting Oak Hill Classical School’s website.

We have designed this site to be an aid to our visitors in order to further serve those families or organizations interested in learning more about Oak Hill’s mission, vision, and execution of the classical Christian academic tradition. We have also designed this site to be an efficient platform for organization and communication to our current families and faculty, Oak Hill is a community of Christian parents, teachers, and scholars seeking to pass to our children the academic values of Western civilization, and we hope you see this clearly reflected on our site.

There is a growing educational need in our day to recover what has been lost in our Western tradition, ever more absent from the common memory of American citizens. There is also an ever-present need for Christians to wisely, intelligently, courageously, creatively, and graciously engage our city and neighbors with Christian truth. It is Oak Hill’s hope that we can, by the grace of God, accomplish these goals in our students and families. This is why our mission is to educate for the purposes of “Cultivating wisdom, joyful learning, and love for God and others.”

Our mission is not only aimed at academic competency, it is likewise a mission concerning love, being used by God to aim a child’s heart and affections in the right direction. We are not so much concerned with where our students attend college or where they will be employed. Our most fundamental educational care is who our students become. This means offering strong academic classes that guide our students in mastering the five academic competencies: reading, thinking, speaking, writing, and listening, while also seeing that these gifts devoid of virtue and the Lordship of Christ are dangerous. Therefore, our school is founded on the Word of God, and our faculty consists of godly men and women who love their students, their subjects, and who embody the virtues they teach.

Whether you are here and interested in learning more about the classical Christian model of education for your children, or whether you are an educator wanting to further your understanding of this historical and robust philosophy of education, please spend some time exploring this online platform, and contact us to schedule a visit to the school, where you can see these values and virtues expressed in our faculty, school culture, and students. On behalf of our board and faculty, thank you for visiting. We hope your time here will be most helpful in your educational decisions.

Head of School