Classical Christian Education Resources

Classical Christian education is unlike modern educational models. For this reason, it is important the parents, educators, and interested individuals learn more about the “what?” and “why?” of classical Christian education. Why teach Latin? What is the role of technology in education? How is science and math taught differently at a classical Christian school? This resource page is set up to help answer these questions, and many more.


Math & Science
“Humanities and Sciences Go Together: Like Bow Ties and Jackets” by Mitch Stokes
“Modern Science and the Lie of the Soul” by Joshua Leland
“Hawking, God, and the Math Ed Train Wreck” by Mitch Stokes
“STEM and the Liberal Arts” by Roman Roads Media
“Galileo Moves the Earth” by Mitch Stokes
“Does Classical Education Include Math and Science?”
“Do Math and Science Flourish in Classical Christian Schools?” by Steve Turley
“How to Teach Math Classically” with Bill Carey​


Humanities, Art, and Literature
“The Art of Seeing: Through the Eyes of a Disney Artist and Classical Teacher” by Ken Spirduso
“Art: For Whose Sake?” by Tom Garfield
“The Unvarnished Truth about Art” by Andrew Kern
“Teaching Classical Literature Classically” by Andrew Kern
“Flannery O’Connor on Teaching Literature” by David Kern
“…Classical Education in our Upper School Humanities Curriculum?” by Hill Country Christian School of Austin
“It’s Up to You to Save the Humanities” by Heidi White

“The Timeliness of Learning Latin” by Hillsdale College
“What is So Great about Latin?” by Felipe Vogel
“In Defense of Latin: Per Angusta ad Augusta” by Kate Deddens
“Top Ten Reasons for Studying Latin” by Cheryl Lowe
“Ten Reasons to Study Latin First” by Christopher Perrin
“Why Teach Latin?” by Our Savior Lutheran School
“The Unique Benefits of Studying Latin” by The Davenant Institute
“Why Study Latin?” by Illinois Wesleyan University
“The Benefits of Learning Latin” by N.S. Gill at ThoughtCo
“Why Is Latin Such a Helpful Language to Know?” by Teachnology


Low-Tech Schools
“Why Low-Tech and Outdoor Play is Trending in Education”
“Inside the tech-free school where high-tech parents are sending their kids”
“Silicon Valley parents are raising their kids tech-free–and it should be a red flag”
“The Surprising Low-Tech Way Schools are Keeping Students off Tech”
“Finland’s Low-Tech Take on Education”
“How a Classics Education Prepares Students for a Modern World” by Dana Weeks
From the Garden to the City: Redeeming the Corrupting Power of Technology by John Dyer
Video: “Technology and Classical Christian Education”


Classical Ed in General
Audio: “Boys and Classical Education” by Matt Whitling
“What is Classical Education?” by Circe Institute
“The Rise of the Bible-Teaching, Plato-Loving, Homeschool Elitists” by Louis Markos
“Back to Basics: The Resurgence of Classical Education” by John Miller at National Review
“The Lost Tools of Learning” by Dorothy Sayers
​”The New Classical Schooling” by Peter Leithart
Video: “Geronimo, Amen! Part 1”
Video: “Geronimo, Amen! Part 2”
Video: “Classical vs. Modern Education” by Steve Turley
Video: “The Eight Essential Principles of Classical Pedagogy” by Christopher Perrin
Video: “Mark Cuban Sees Greater Demand for Liberal Arts Majors”
​Video: “What Is Classical Education?” by Martin Cothran
Video: “The Essential Value of a Classical Education” by Jeffrey Benzel
​Video: “What is Classical Christian Education?” with Steve Turley
​Video: “What Every Parent Should Consider”

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