Administration and Staff


Matt Baker

Head of School

William Deagle

Director of Administration

Ruth Knuteson

Operations Coordinator and Office Manager

Susan Rucker

First Grade Instructor | Director of Early Education


Leah Recker

K4 Instructor

Brandon Baker

K5 Instructor

Carey Feldman

First Grade Instructor

Emily Pierce

Second Grade Instructor

Stephanie Gibbons

Third Grade Instructor

Allison Tavani

Fourth Grade Instructor

Henry Hubler

Fifth Grade + Logic School Instructor

Holli Gray

Logic School Math + Science Instructor

Alyssa Luttjohann

Logic School Humanities Instructor

Heather McAllister

Sub-Creator Instructor, Music

Blakley McLendon

Sub-Creator Instructor, Art

Lisa Quilis

Sub-Creator Instructor, Physical Education + The Body

Administration and Staff