Student Life

An education that cultivates wisdom, joyful learning, and love for God. 

One of our key commitments is to seeing education holistically—as something that involves the whole person.

In addition, we strive to build a Christian learning community, characterized by the pursuit of wisdom, joyful learning, and love for God and our fellow man. In an effort to promote Christian community and provide unique elements in an Oak Hill education that foster tradition and a healthy pride in the school, we introduced a house system in Fall 2012.

As a classical school, Oak Hill delves into the works of antiquity, learning that all truth is God’s truth.  Oak Hill’s curriculum explores both the ancient world of Rome and Greece, and also with the medieval church that rediscovered and sought to understand Greek and Roman culture and ideas. In both cultures, virtues were highly praised and sought after.  In developing the houses, we have sought to emphasize the four classic or cardinal (from Latin, cardus, “a hinge”) virtues:

  • Prudentia: prudence or wisdom
  • Temperantia: temperance or moderation
  • Fortitudo: fortitude or courage, and
  • Justitia: justice.

We have selected a Christian saint or hero of the faith to exemplify these virtues and inspire our students to model them in their own lives.

While each house has a “key virtue,” we expect that students will pursue all the virtues, which are important character traits for all people to demonstrate in their lives. As Thomas Aquinas, a key writer on the virtues, noted, the virtues are interdependent: “There is no true prudence, unless it be just, temperate and brave; no perfect temperance, that is not brave, just and prudent; no sound fortitude, that is not prudent, temperate and just; no real justice, without prudence, fortitude and temperance.”