Rhetoric School Electives (Grades 9-12)

At the Rhetoric level, our students’ involvement in electives changes, just as their work in other courses changes. While we seek to foster wisdom and joy in these courses, we also direct students toward arête, the Greek word for excellence.

Physical Fitness

Mrs. Laura Mattison | Tuesday and Thursday, Terms 1-4

The goal of Oak Hill Physical Education is to graduate physically literate students who have the tools to successfully explore recreational opportunities, navigate physical challenges, pursue their calling in good health, and enjoy lifelong physical fitness rooted in wisdom, joy, and love for God and others. Our classes focus on: Functional movement patterns which are foundational to human movement and development; expressions of developmental kinesiology, neurology, and musculoskeletal anatomy. Physical literacy which enables children to confidently pursue and value physical activities for life; exposure to varying movement patterns, locomotion, bodyweight control, external object manipulation, and universal sport skills. General Physical Preparedness which allows our students to develop competency across a broad range of time domains and modes of exercise, creating increased work capacity and improved physical fitness. Our program places emphasis on developing strength, cardiorespiratory endurance, stamina, flexibility, power, speed, accuracy, balance, coordination and agility. Wisdom for how to steward our physical bodies for God’s glory and our good; to do well the work to which he calls us. Joy for the ability to move our bodies; to learn, grow and be strengthened physically, mentally and spiritually through movement. Love for God for the gift of movement and respiration; love for others through teamwork, encouragement and shared struggle, challenge and triumph.

Swim Team

Mr. Tyler Godwin | Tuesday and Thursday, Terms 1-4

Swim team is offered as an elective during the school week to lessen the strain of after school commitments for families. 


Mrs. Nicole Eason | Tuesday and Thursday, Terms 1 – 4

Our Art program covers the basics of art and drawing, learning to talk about art, as well as learning about non-traditional drawing (i.e. architecture, design, etc.).


Mrs. Heather Johnson | Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Terms 1 – 4

Our Theatre program is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of the performing arts, from character analysis and development to set design and construction.