Grammar School Electives (Grades 1-5)

In the Grammar School, our specials are designed to round out students’ exposure to the arts and to physical activity, both of which are essential components of a liberal education. Our focus is on enjoyment and acquisition of general knowledge, skills, and ideas.

Physical Education

Mrs. Laura Mattison | Tuesday and Thursday, Terms 1 – 4

The goal of Oak Hill Physical Education is to graduate physically literate students who have the tools to successfully explore recreational opportunities, navigate physical challenges, pursue their calling in good health, and enjoy lifelong physical fitness rooted in wisdom, joy, and love for God and others.

Our classes focus on:

  • Functional movement patterns which are foundational to human movement and development; expressions of developmental kinesiology, neurology, and musculoskeletal anatomy.

  • Physical literacy which enables children to confidently pursue and value physical activities for life; exposure to varying movement patterns, locomotion, bodyweight control, external object manipulation, and universal sport skills.

  • General Physical Preparedness which allows our students to develop competency across a broad range of time domains and modes of exercise, creating increased work capacity and improved physical fitness. Our program places emphasis on developing strength, cardiorespiratory endurance, stamina, flexibility, power, speed, accuracy, balance, coordination and agility.

  • Wisdom for how to steward our physical bodies for God’s glory and our good; to do well the work to which he calls us.

  • Joy for the ability to move our bodies; to learn, grow and be strengthened physically, mentally and spiritually through movement.

  • Love for God for the gift of movement and respiration; love for others through teamwork, encouragement and shared struggle, challenge and triumph.


Mrs. Heather McAllister | Tuesday, Terms 1-4

This course introduces students to the history of music and different composers, as well as the fundamentals of music theory and how to sing as a chorus. Through the use of percussion instruments, students will apply what they learn in music theory, while 4th and 5th grades also apply that knowledge as they learn to play the recorder.  Students will also learn to read music and apply that skill as they perform in our annual Lessons and Carols event at Christmas.