Oak Hill offers its students an education that is both classical and Christian

It is classical in that it draws deeply on the rich heritage of Western civilization and culture; it is Christian in that it recognizes the Bible as the final authority in all matters of life and thought. 

Students are nurtured in the idea that the Christian faith is the integrating principle for all of life, including the body of human knowledge.

Oak Hill’s academic program is the result of a thoughtful, intentional process which benefits from over twenty-five years of Classical Christian educational practice, beginning in 1980 with the founding of Logos School in Moscow, Idaho. In addition, and in truth, it is a proven pedagogy born out of 1,500 years of development and practice.

Classical Education promotes a distinctive approach to education by emphasizing certain skills and concepts at the appropriate age in relation to the students’ development. Through a Socratic and dialectic approach to class instruction, a fundamental belief that children of all ages love to learn, and an emphasis on the Great Works of Western civilization, Oak Hill aspires to cultivate in children the ability to discern what is good, true, and beautiful and to defend it with wisdom and winsome persuasion. For more information about the classical method, please visit Classical Education.

Classical Education

A classical education focuses on the mastery of language skills: reading, writing, and speaking well.

Grammar School

The Grammar School emphasizes the first phase of the Grammar-Logic-Rhetoric progression of the Trivium in the classical model of education.

Logic School

The Logic phase, the second of classical education’s three stages of learning, grade begins in 6th grade at Oak Hill. 

Rhetoric School

Students synthesize their acquired knowledge and skills by an articulate expression of their own ideas.